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(Our Most Popular Choice)

Discover why our Hybrid Photo and Video Coverage is the favored selection among couples preparing for their big day. This unique service combines the elegance of still photography with the vitality of moving visuals, creating a complete and vivid narrative of your wedding. It's more than just a recording—it's an emotionally charged chronicle of your love story. A testament to our professional expertise and dedication to quality, it's no surprise that this is our most beloved offering by couples about to tie the knot.

$5000 (with add on options available)


Capture your love's epic saga with our chic Wedding Photography service. This fan-favorite choice among soon-to-be-weds delivers high-def, timeless snaps that scream ‘romance.’ Our photographers, with their killer instincts and keen eyes, immortalize the joy, the tears, and those ‘oh so perfect’ candid moments. They've got the knack for working the scene, turning every shot into an Insta-worthy masterpiece. Dive into our Wedding Photography service - where modern love stories get the spotlight they deserve.


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Experience the buzz of your big day all over again with our trend-setting Wedding Video Service. Perfect for the contemporary couple looking to transform their wedding into a captivating visual narrative. It's not just about recording moments - it's about crafting a cinematic love story that's all about you. Every laugh, tear, cheer, and unexpected magical moment is woven into a film that's got all the feels of a blockbuster romance. Opt for our Wedding Video Service and let your love story take center stage, creating a keepsake that's more than a memory - it's a premiere of your very own love story.



Dive into the romantic vibes before your big day with our uber-cool Engagement Photography Sessions. Perfect for those lovebirds who want to capture their pre-wedding bliss in stunning snapshots. This service isn't just about posing for the camera - it's about creating a visual playlist of your love story in its raw, heart-fluttering glory. From candid moments to orchestrated scenes, we encapsulate your unique chemistry and sweet anticipation in each shot. Choose our Engagement Photography Sessions, and let your journey of love start making headlines even before you say 'I do'




Capture your clan's unique vibe with our uber-fresh Family Session Photography. Ideal for families who want to bottle up their everyday magic in high-def, colorful snaps. This isn't just another photo shoot - it's about immortalizing the laughter, the silliness, the sweet moments that make your family, well, your family. Whether it's a casual backyard barbecue, a birthday bash, or just a lazy Sunday at home, we make sure each shot tells your family's unique story. Opt for our Family Session Photography, and let the personality of your squad shine in every pixel.



Embrace the glow of your baby bump journey with our trendy Maternity Photography Sessions. A top pick for moms-to-be eager to chronicle their path to motherhood with a touch of style. This isn't just about showcasing your growing belly - it's about capturing the love, anticipation, and joy that's brewing within you. From tranquil moments at home to scenic outdoor settings, we frame your maternal radiance in all its glory. Choose our Maternity Photography Sessions, and let your journey into motherhood make a statement that's as unique and beautiful as you are.



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Ready to create unforgettable memories? If our hip Maternity Photography, Engagement Sessions, Wedding Video Service, or vibrant Family Sessions resonated with you, don't wait! Book your session with Willow and Worth Co. today. Let us transform your precious moments into timeless keepsakes. We're excited to capture your unique story through the lens of love, laughter, and life!

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