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Welcome to Willow and Worth! We are Solomon and Tessa Khoury, the creative duo dedicated to capturing your most cherished moments through the art of photography and videography. Our combined expertise in culinary arts and mental health uniquely influences our approach, ensuring that each photo and video tells a heartfelt and compelling story. We invite you to learn more about our journey and how our passions have shaped Willow and Worth into the distinctive, personal, and professional service we offer today.


Welcome to Willow and Worth! We're Solomon and Tessa Khoury, the husband and wife team behind Willow and Worth. We are passionate about capturing life's precious moments through the lenses of our cameras, bringing stories to life through timeless photography and videography.


About Solomon

I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, where my journey began not in photography but in the culinary world. My father opened his first restaurant in Raleigh in 2000, where I discovered my love for cooking. Over the years, I climbed the culinary ladder, honing my skills at renowned establishments such as Irregardless Cafe in downtown Raleigh and River Landing Country Club in Wilmington. I even ventured to the Bay Area of San Francisco, further enriching my culinary expertise.


While my career as a chef was flourishing, my passion for photography and video was always simmering in the background. It all started with food photography, capturing the artistry of the dishes I created. This passion grew, leading me to explore live events and other forms of photography.


About Tessa

I was born in Barrington, Illinois, and moved to Raleigh when I was six years old. Growing up, I played sports and always knew I wanted to go into the medical field. I studied kinesiology at Miami University, initially planning to pursue physical therapy. However, a job at Gupta Psychiatry changed my path, sparking a passion for mental health. I've been with Gupta Psychiatry for over five years now, and I love seeing people transform into happier, healthier versions of themselves.


Outside of work, I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking with Solomon and our dog Luna, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.


Our Lifestyle

Tessa and I share a love for gardening, hiking, cooking, fishing, movies, and, of course, our loyal dog Luna, a pit mix. We reside on a 1-acre future homestead near Falls Lake in Raleigh, where we are creating a mini homestead style farm. Our homestead will include a vibrant garden, bees, dairy goats, chickens, and quail. (This is all still in the making)  It's a labor of love and a testament to our commitment to sustainable living.


Coming in the Future to Willow and Worth

At Willow and Worth, we believe in creating experiences as memorable as the moments we capture. As part of our engagement sessions, we will soon be offering a unique farm-to-table experience. Imagine celebrating your engagement with a 6-course meal prepared by me, drawing from my years of culinary expertise. This is just one of the many ways we strive to make your moments special.


We are excited to share our passion for storytelling through our photography and videography services. Thank you for considering Willow and Worth. We look forward to capturing your special moments and creating lasting memories.


Warm regards,


Solomon Khoury & Tessa Khoury

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