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How to plan your 2022 Wedding?

How to plan your 2022 Wedding?

It's that time of the year again! You have finally got round to buying a new dress after being inspired by all those brides on social media. It is now time to pick out some brides maids dresses so you can put together one epic bridal party. Then it will be time to send out invitations and decide on a guest list. So how do you go about planning the wedding of your dreams? This article is going to tell you just that!

- The Dress

Choosing your dress should be one of the first things on your agenda as it is always best to get a head start when it comes to wedding planning. You should always think about what type of dress you want the in your dreams and then try to find one that matches with that look. Make sure that you have a look in some bridal shops but also don't be afraid to go onto etsy or Pinterest for inspiration. Once you have found a dress that you like, get in touch with the designer and ask to customize it. If this isn't possible then take inspiration from it and find another dress!

- The Bridesmaids

>Your bridal party is an important part of your wedding day and therefore should be chosen with care! You should think about who you absolutely need in your bridal party and then try to find out who would like to be in it. Don't forget that your friends might not always want to be a bridesmaid, however there is a chance that they might feel left out if you don't ask them! When choosing bridesmaids dresses, make sure they match with your theme and you like them.

- Guests

When choosing your guest list, don't forget those important people in your life. You should also think realistically about how much space you need and then try and find a venue that matches it. If you are thinking about having a tight budget then it might be hard to get the right place, however there is almost always something that will fit your needs even if it isn't perfect! Then you should pick out some great invitations and send them all out.

- The After Party

The wedding will only be the beginning of your journey with each other. It is therefore important to think about what you are going to do after it is all over. If you are having a party then make sure that there is something for everyone and not just those who have been invited to the wedding! You should also consider things like transport, accommodation and childcare.

- Conclusion

So you have got a head start on how to plan your 2022 wedding and now it is time for the fun part. Sit back, relax and find out who will be in charge of each aspect of the wedding! This way when they need help, you will know what to do.

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